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Exterior Painting in Phoenix Area

Choosing a professional company to perform your exterior house painting job is an important part of home ownership. Phoenix is the driest city in the nation, and the intense sunlight and heat can damage paint finishes. In addition to fading paint, these elements can cause excessive cracking, which will lead to failure. Experts recommend that you paint your home every five to ten years.

First, your home will be power washed in order to remove all loose material and clean it for proper adhesion. Then all landscape materials are protected and pulled away from the base of your home. Next, all non-painted surfaces are covered with plastic or paper, and all stucco, wood, and trim are prepared for paint.

Butcher’s Custom Painting will caulk all exterior voids around windows, pipes, and electrical boxes as well as scrape the stem wall and apply a prime coat as needed. Finally, two coats of premium paint are applied. All areas will be inspected and cleaned prior to a walk where all of your questions or concerns will be addressed and you will receive a labeled touch-up kit. Butcher’s Custom Painting stands behind this proven process with a 5-year warranty.


Hiring the Best House Painters in Phoenix Area

If you want to update the look of your home, you can hire a professional house painter in Phoenix. A house painting professional can make a huge difference in your home’s appearance, curb appeal, and durability. You can also choose from a variety of painting specifications. The following are some common painting specifications that you should look for. These may differ from what you need, but they are a good start.

Hire a painting expert with a long history. Butcher’s Custom Painting is a painting company that has served Arizona homes since 1985, with more than 50 years of experience. Our process has been tested and perfected.

Our experts provide top-notch service and are committed to honesty and diligence. Our expert Exterior House Painters in Phoenix AZ are licensed and insured and will provide you with free estimates for your painting project in the Phoenix Valley and surrounding areas.


The Best-kept Secret of Homeowners in the Phoenix Area

If you’re looking for a quality exterior painting contractor in Phoenix Area, you should choose the best painters Phoenix has to offer. You’ll be happy you found a Phoenix painting company that is so attentive to detail and willing to go the extra mile to protect your home from the harsh Arizona sun.

When you need an exterior painting job, we can help you get the look you want. Contact us today at (602) 768-2541 for a free estimate. You’ll be glad you did! Once you hire us, you can expect a high-quality finish.